The beginning of 2019


In the United States, senators elected during the by-election will take office on January 3, and the Democratic Party will receive a majority in the House of Representatives. The US President is keen to get funding for building a wall with Mexico. None of the opponents intend to retreat, so Thursday may be perceived by the bidders as an excuse to buy gold and exit positions in the US dollar.

Unpredictable future week will be for the pound – Theresa May did not achieve a new agreement, she can again announce the postponement of the discussion and vote on the final Brexit document. The earlier adjourned debate in the English Parliament on this issue is scheduled for January 7.

Friday has a chance to become the most volatile session of the week – published rates of inflation and employment will determine the policies of the ECB and the Fed. If we only have to guess about the ECB data, then according to the Fed, Jerome Powell in her speech will reveal the approximate parameters of the entire US monetary policy.