Two Raffs and Keltner Raschke – double accuracy of Forex trading


New robot for the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The robot uses two Raff channels to determine the trend direction. Moreover, the channels are built on different timeframes. Current and senior timeframes are used. Trading is allowed only in the direction in which both channels will be synchronized. Trading is carried out in the high-speed Keltner-Raschke channel, and only in the direction of the global trend.

For example, when trading with default parameters on GBPJPY, the current H1 timeframe is used. There will be trading between the borders of the Keltner-Raschke channel. This channel is located inside the fast channel of Raff, built on the same timeframe. On the higher timeframe H4, a slow Raff channel is built, which serves to monitor global trends and indicate the main trend. All this together provides increased accuracy in the Forex market, and allows you to trade with good profit with minimal risk.

The robot belongs to the low-cost models, but provides increased reliability and minimal risks with good profitability.

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