Wednesday December 12 is an important day for traders


On this day, Forex traders will observe the position of the Fed in relation to the interest rate according to US inflation. It is expected that inflation will increase and, as a result, the rates will lead to the strengthening of the dollar index.

Oil traders should pay attention to the publication of data on commercial oil reserves from the US International Energy Agency. This country has now become a net exporter, so it will get even greater influence on the energy market. Recall that at the end of last week, the OPEC + Russia member countries agreed to reduce production. Since the United States does not belong to OPEC, it can, without remorse, replace the OPEC reduced oil share. All the production capacity for this, the United States already has (shale development). Most likely, the OPEC decision will not lead to the desired increase in oil prices, but will only aggravate the positions of its participants by an even greater drop in oil prices.