Regression Channel double – trade in the regression channel in two directions


Trading robot for a real account. It is a continuation of the idea used as the basis of the popular Regression Channel EA. Unlike its predecessor, it uses a bidirectional trading algorithm. The robot trades inside a channel formed by regression curves. Deals are always by stop losses.

The robot trades inside a trend channel bound by the curves of a polynomial regression. The trend direction and strength are determined by the gradient of the channel cures during the trading. Market entries and exits are performed near the bordering regression curves. The deals are only opened in the trend direction, so most of them are closed with profit. Losing positions are averaged using additional deals, which are calculated so that their aggregate sum could also be closed with profit. Presence of a trade cycle in one of the directions while the criteria are met allows for the beginning of the second cycle in the other direction. This reduces the drawdown during averaging and increases the price movement usage coefficient. Due to money management the trade volume increases with the growth of the deposit.

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