Raff and Keltner – two channel strategy


The robot uses two channels to find the entrance to the market. One channel is external, it defines a global trend. The robot does not trade against global trends, as the risk will be great. Trade is conducted only in the direction of the global trend. The decision to enter the market is made when the global trend and the direction of the domestic high-speed channel coincide. Trading is carried out in the internal channel, between its borders. This provides small risks with high profitability.

External, low-speed channel, calculated by the method of Hubert Raff. Internal, high-speed channel, calculated by Chester Keltner method. Thus, the Keltner Canal is moving inside the Raff Canal. This ensures reliable target designation of the moment of entry into the market, which makes trading with minimal risk and high profitability. The robot is equipped with all types of protections necessary for working on a real account. Even turning off the computer will not lead to large losses. By default, the robot contains parameters optimized for GBPJPY, the H1 timeframe, but can be easily adjusted for other currency pairs and timeframes.

With a small price, the robot shows results not worse than very expensive developments.

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