Raff and Keltner – a robot using two channels: Raff and Keltner

Robot for trading on a real account. He builds two channels: Gilbert Raff and Chester Keltner. Raff’s Channel is external and allows you to determine the direction of the global trend. Inside it is the Keltner Channel. It performs trading, taking into account both the global and the local trend. Switchable martingale and money management are provided, deals are protected by stop-loss.

Strategy – Raff’s channel indicates global trend, positions inside the Keltner channel

It is known that the probability of receiving profitable deals increases if the deals are opened not only by the trend, but also take into account the global trend. Usually, the trend visible on higher timeframes is taken into account as global. The robot Raff and Keltner makes full use of this pattern. The robot determines the global trend by the slope of the Raff channel. This channel has shown its high efficiency for determining fundamental trends over relatively large time intervals. For the operational analysis of the market condition, the robot uses the Keltner channel. Trade takes place between the borders of the Keltner channel. This method ensures optimal trading performance combined with significantly reduced risks.


During testing in the period from January 2015 to October 2018 on the GBPJPY pair and the hour timeframe with initial capital of $1000 and with default settings, the robot made a profit of over $40000.

Recommendations for use

No indicators are needed for operation. Everything you need to trade is contained in a single file of the robot. To monitor the work, you can use additional indicators: Raff Channel indicator, which displays the Raff channel and the Keltner Channel classic indicator. Indicators should preferably be set on the same chart as the robot. The parameters of the indicators must be specified as the corresponding input parameters of the robot.

By switching the parameter Open counter positions, if necessary, you can allow or prohibit the installation of opposite positions (trading simultaneously in two directions). Allowing counter trades increases total trade, increases profitability and reduces drawdowns by locking.

If necessary, the robot can easily be optimized to work on other currency pairs and timeframes.


Main settings

  • Languagerobot message language(Eng, Rus);
  • Magic magic number for orders;
  • Open counter positionspermission to open opposite positions (Yes, No);
  • Trade on Monday – permission to trade on Monday (Yes, No);
  • Trade on Friday –  permission to trade on Friday (Yes, No);
  • Period Keltner Channel (Internal channel)Keltner channel indicator period (for internal channel);
  • Number of bars (External Raff channel)the number of bars of the indicator for the calculation of Raff’s external channel;
  • Coefficient of the channel width (External Raff channel)the indicator parameter is the width ratio of the Raff channel;
  • Entry criteriadistance to the trend line (in% of the channel width) to enter / exit a trade;
  • Gradient criteriathe gradient of the slope of the internal channel, which is allowed to enter into transactions;
  • Offset for determining Gradient criteriagradient offset;
  • Distance to safety levelsdistance to safety levels, points.

Averaging parameters

  • Use martingalepermission to use martingale (Yes, No);
  • Step of averaging positionsmartingale averaging step, points;
  • Lot increase coefficientlot increase ratio for martingale;
  • Maximum number of steps for averaging positionsthe maximum number of averaging steps (if exceeded, close everything);
  • Coefficient of stopstop coefficient (part from averaging step, 0.1 … 1);
  • Specified profit with averagingspecified profit averaging, $ at 0.01 lot.

Extra options

  • Clearanceclearance of characteristic points (points);
  • Use money managementpermission to use money management (Yes, No);
  • Initial lotinitial lot.

The robot can be used on 5-digit or 4-digit quotes. The size of the quotes is determined automatically. At the same time, the input parameters specified in points should always be set as for 5-digit quotes (they are set by default).

Download demo version. It only works in the strategy tester.

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