Popular trading robots

Gap and Trail – trade at closing gaps

Professional robot trading on a real account. You can start working with a minimum deposit of $10. Uses regularities of a price gap closing.

Current version: 2.5. Last edition: 2019.06.30. For the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The market often has price gaps especially after holidays and weekends. These gaps are likely to close, i.e. the price almost always approaches to the center of the gap. That is why trades directed to the center of the gap are profitable in the majority of cases. The robot tracks beginning of the gap and places an order with take profit close to the center of the gap with a very small stop loss. Each transaction is accompanied by an optimal trailing on the grounds of closed candles.

When working on real account and under unfavorable trading conditions, the robot uses following ways of protection: protection from entering the market with unacceptably large spread (it often happens at the week starting or after a holiday on accounts with floating spread), the market is entered only when the price is moving in desired direction, compensation of real slippage. Along with efficient money management which adapts trade volume for accumulated funds, this method ensures good profitability and minimum risks.

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Adaptive Lock – loss limitation and return of profits

An exclusive robot that solves the most important task for any trader. This is the task of minimizing losses when the price moves against the trader. At the same time, nothing should prevent profit from growing when the price moves in the right direction.

Current version: 1.5. Last edition: 2018.01. 31. For the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

This task is easily solved by the Adaptive Lock robot. The robot uses an adaptive algorithm for locking loss-making positions. Trader instead of the usual stop-loss is enough to indicate the line of the initial lock directly on the chart. The robot will monitor the behavior of the price relative to this line and make decisions to minimize losses and generate profits. If the price goes against the trader, then the robot locks the available position with a counter order. This limits the loss as a stop-loss, but this is much better than the stop-loss, since it allows you to keep the position for any, even very large price movements in the direction of loss. In this case, the price goes against the trader, and the loss does not increase. When you return the price in the right direction, the robot removes the lock and allows the profit to grow.

The robot can be used for trading on various manual strategies, as well as for solving the problems of minimizing losses together with other robots. His work does not depend on the currency pair, it is applied to any timeframes. In the process of working, you can change conditions, change parameters and interfere with work manually. Optimization is also not needed.

The robot belongs to the average price category, since it allows you to make manual trading as efficient and profitable as possible.

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Raff and Keltner — a robot using two channels: Raff and Keltner

The peculiarity of this development is the use of channels that differ significantly in speed. The Raff Canal is much slower than the Keltner Canal. This provides a trade-off between high-quality tracking of the global trend and channel trading, which quickly adapts to changing market conditions.

Current version: 1.2. Last edition: 2018.10.30. For the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The relatively slow channel of Raffa well covers the global trend and allows you to clearly fix its direction. Inside it is the Keltner fast channel, which promptly takes into account the peculiarities of price movement and gives signals for entering and exiting the market.

The result is efficient and safe trading. The robot places trades relatively often when it is running along a trend. He misses dangerous areas of price movement against the trend, reducing risk.

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Raff and Bollinger – dual channel trend robot

This robot applies the strategy of two channels. One channel is external, it determines the global trend. The second channel is inside the first one. Trade is carried out in the internal channel. Thus, global and local trends are taken into account. The external channel is constructed by the Hilbert Raff method, and the inner channel by the method of John Bollinger.

Current version: 1.2. Last edition: 2018.09.14.  For the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The robot is convenient to use in volatile markets, where trends are often formed. The robot trades on fluctuations within global trends. Transactions are made only in the direction of the global trend, which makes them more secure. Accounting for most fluctuations makes trading more profitable. The robot is optimized for EURUSD and GBPJPY. The best results are obtained on GBPJPY.

This is a relatively inexpensive version of the robot, providing high results in the trade.

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Regression Channel double – bidirectional intra channel trade

Trading robot for a real account. It is a continuation of the idea used as the basis of the popular Regression Channel EA. Unlike its predecessor, it uses a bidirectional trading algorithm. The robot trades inside a channel formed by regression curves. Deals are always by stop losses.

Current version: 1.3. Last edition: 2017.04.27. For the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The robot trades inside a trend channel bound by the curves of a polynomial regression. The trend direction and strength are determined by the gradient of the channel cures during the trading. Market entries and exits are performed near the bordering regression curves. The deals are only opened in the trend direction, so most of them are closed with profit. Losing positions are averaged using additional deals, which are calculated so that their aggregate sum could also be closed with profit. Presence of a trade cycle in one of the directions while the criteria are met allows for the beginning of the second cycle in the other direction. This reduces the drawdown during averaging and increases the price movement usage coefficient. Due to money management the trade volume increases with the growth of the deposit.

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Hand Pattern – the trader sets the pattern, the robot trades inside the pattern

The robot allows you to automate manual trading strategies in the market patterns. It is equipped with an excellent visual interface, allowing you to manage the trade easily and without going into technicalities. A trader should see any known market pattern (an inclined channel, an expanding or narrowing channel, a horizontal flat, a flag, a pendant, a triangle, etc.) and set its boundaries directly on the chart by moving the restrictive lines. All operations for the continuous analysis of the state of the market and trade the robot takes care of. This approach combines the intelligence of the trader with the merits of automatic systems, which makes trading in the markets as profitable and safe as possible.

Current version: 1.0. Last edition: 2018.10.22.  For the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

A person should indicate to the robot a pattern (figure) on the market. Unlike automatic devices, a person sees patterns much better. The process of setting a pattern is very simple and consists in moving the restrictive lines directly on the chart. So you can give the job to the robot to work in any market figure. The robot automatically recognizes the direction of the trend and trades from one boundary of the given pattern to the other. Inside the pattern, it provides several profitable trades. After going beyond the boundaries of this pattern, the robot stops trading and waits for the trader’s instructions to start a new trading cycle in the next pattern.

The robot can be customized to use various transaction management algorithms and their goals, as well as to change its behavior when prices exceed the boundaries of the pattern. This allows you to use a variety of trading strategies, conventional or scalping, depending on the current market situation.

The robot belongs to the middle price category. However, it allows you to start working with a minimum ($ 10) deposit. With it, you will quickly return the money spent and be able to systematically receive high profits, enjoying effective trading.

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