Minimize the QE program


ECB Head Mario Draghi promised to curtail the quantitative easing program at the end of the year. This has the same consequences as the interest rate increase, which is left at the zero level until the end of the summer of 2019. Therefore, in the near future is likely to increase the Euro.

In addition, the Saturday release of important news is likely to lead to the emergence of significant gaps (gaps) on currency pairs related to the Euro. The main property of such gaps – they seek to close. Using this pattern you can make good money.

This will help the new robot Gap and Trail. He will track the beginning of the gap, instantly collect all the necessary information and at the right time establish the exact deal, ensuring a very high probability of obtaining a profit. There will also be a trailing stop, significantly reducing risks.

Friday December 14th


The morning will start with news from China on industrial production and retail sales. These factors are closely studied by investors and speculators to identify the harmful effects of the “trade war” – the exchange of increased duties with the United States. The state of the Chinese economy will be determined by unemployment, the volume of production and the level of business investment in fixed assets, which unmistakably indicate confidence in the future on the part of big business.

Statistics from the USA in terms of sales and industrial production will complete the week: in case of growth of indicators confirming inflation data, we can expect a strengthening of the US dollar.

We are waiting for Thursday, December 13


On Thursday, December 13, an important meeting of the ECB on the interest rate will be held. According to the forecast, its value will not change. However, the Regulator must completely abandon the program of quantitative easing – the repurchase of government debt of the Eurozone countries for the next year. This decision, as well as the words of Mario Draghi at the traditional press conference will cause strong volatility in the quotations of the euro – analysts predict growth. Possible trend change to bullish.

Wednesday December 12 is an important day for traders


On this day, Forex traders will observe the position of the Fed in relation to the interest rate according to US inflation. It is expected that inflation will increase and, as a result, the rates will lead to the strengthening of the dollar index.

Oil traders should pay attention to the publication of data on commercial oil reserves from the US International Energy Agency. This country has now become a net exporter, so it will get even greater influence on the energy market. Recall that at the end of last week, the OPEC + Russia member countries agreed to reduce production. Since the United States does not belong to OPEC, it can, without remorse, replace the OPEC reduced oil share. All the production capacity for this, the United States already has (shale development). Most likely, the OPEC decision will not lead to the desired increase in oil prices, but will only aggravate the positions of its participants by an even greater drop in oil prices.

We expect on Tuesday, December 11:


The morning will be a continuation of the assessment of the state of the economy of the United Kingdom by currency traders. The UK will publish data on employment and wages, experts count on the growth of the pound, which fell on the rejection of the Brexit contract to the minimum values. GBPUSD correction to 1.2630 is expected.

Implications of the decision


The consequences of Theresa May’s decision were immediately reflected in the GBP-related markets. There was a sharp drop in the pound.

Most likely, the trend will continue down until a decision is made to vote on Brexit.

Brexit Voting


British Prime Minister Theresa May decided that now is not the time to vote on the subject of the country’s withdrawal from the European Union

The Prime Minister of Great Britain today canceled a vote on Brexit in parliament.

This morning, Maye urgently convened a Cabinet of Ministers, at which, obviously, the Brexit vote was discussed, and then it was canceled altogether.

It is likely that the government will still insist on voting tomorrow evening. Parliament can also return to this issue next week or even in early January.

The deadline for a decision by the British Parliament is January 21.

Changes to the site


Dear friends!

Now on the main page of this site you will see not only information about our new developments.

Here we will also publish the most important news, on which the movement of currency pairs depends, an analysis of the markets of leading traders and recommendations for trading in the near future.

Raff and Keltner – two channel strategy


The robot uses two channels to find the entrance to the market. One channel is external, it defines a global trend. The robot does not trade against global trends, as the risk will be great. Trade is conducted only in the direction of the global trend. The decision to enter the market is made when the global trend and the direction of the domestic high-speed channel coincide. Trading is carried out in the internal channel, between its borders. This provides small risks with high profitability.

External, low-speed channel, calculated by the method of Hubert Raff. Internal, high-speed channel, calculated by Chester Keltner method. Thus, the Keltner Canal is moving inside the Raff Canal. This ensures reliable target designation of the moment of entry into the market, which makes trading with minimal risk and high profitability. The robot is equipped with all types of protections necessary for working on a real account. Even turning off the computer will not lead to large losses. By default, the robot contains parameters optimized for GBPJPY, the H1 timeframe, but can be easily adjusted for other currency pairs and timeframes.

With a small price, the robot shows results not worse than very expensive developments.

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Hand Pattern – trade in patterns


The robot allows you to automate manual trading strategies in the market patterns. It is equipped with an excellent visual interface, allowing you to manage the trade easily and without going into technicalities. A trader should see any known market pattern (an inclined channel, an expanding or narrowing channel, a horizontal flat, a flag, a pendant, a triangle, etc.) and set its boundaries directly on the chart by moving the restrictive lines. All operations for the continuous analysis of the state of the market and trade the robot takes care of. This approach combines the intelligence of the trader with the merits of automatic systems, which makes trading in the markets as profitable and safe as possible.

A person should indicate to the robot a pattern (figure) on the market. Unlike automatic devices, a person sees patterns much better. The process of setting a pattern is very simple and consists in moving the restrictive lines directly on the chart. So you can give the job to the robot to work in any market figure. The robot automatically recognizes the direction of the trend and trades from one boundary of the given pattern to the other. Inside the pattern, it provides several profitable trades. After going beyond the boundaries of this pattern, the robot stops trading and waits for the trader’s instructions to start a new trading cycle in the next pattern.

The robot can be customized to use various transaction management algorithms and their goals, as well as to change its behavior when prices exceed the boundaries of the pattern. This allows you to use a variety of trading strategies, conventional or scalping, depending on the current market situation.

The robot belongs to the middle price category. However, it allows you to start working with a minimum ($ 10) deposit. With it, you will quickly return the money spent and be able to systematically receive high profits, enjoying effective trading.

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