February 18-22. Corbin and Barnier going to resolve Brexit issue


The fall of the pound may stop and a reversal may begin. This is likely under the condition of a productive meeting of the British opposition leader Jeremy Corbin with the Brexit negotiator from the European Union Michel Barnier. Corbin wants to carry out the work of the British Prime Minister and independently reach new terms of an agreement on the country’s withdrawal from the EU. It is very important that next week the term allocated to Theresa May by the English Parliament ends in order to change the European Union’s proposals for Brexit, and so far there is no progress. By contrast, Corbin has already secured Barnier’s support in this matter, and it’s likely that the issue will be resolved.

The process of concluding the US-China trade agreement has reached the final stage – the agreed terms must be signed during the personal meeting of Xi Jinping and Donald Trump. Announced close dates for its implementation will strengthen the dollar index, and the delay – will weaken its course against the main currencies.

Raff and Keltner robot updated to version 2.2


The popular Raff and Keltner robot has been updated to version 2.2. By the numerous requests of users, trade management was added on Monday and Friday. Now the user can set the opportunity to start new trading cycles on these days. Trading these days can be especially risky. Therefore, the possibility of prohibiting trade on these days will help to significantly reduce the risk of a deposit drawdown. To set the permission to trade entered the input parameters Trade on Monday, as well as Trade on Friday.

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February 11-15. US-China negotiations, Shatdaun and Brexit


Each of these topics will have an impact on the strengthening of the dollar against other currencies. Trade agreements with China, as well as the meeting of the PRC-US leaders at the end of February, were in doubt.

The date March 1 was determined by the US president to renew the sanctions restrictions on Chinese imports. The dollar will start to grow if the delegation from the United States does not go to Beijing or the President of the United States imposes a ban on the use of telecommunications equipment from China, which will make any negotiations meaningless.

Another reason for strengthening the dollar will be the approach of a shatdaun – the financing of the interim budget ends on February 15, & nbsp; and there are no hints at removing the contradictions between Congress and the President.

The dynamics of the European currency and the pound sterling will determine the debate on Brexit. Teresa May does not expect a quick compromise, so she postponed the vote on secession from the EU at the end of February. The euro will be further suppressed discord between France and Germany.

President Macron refused to attend the Munich Conference. This is the fault of the position of Chancellor Angela Merkel in support of the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. & nbsp; Eastern European countries are against him on the side of France, with political assistance from the United States: they will be visited in a special tour by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo from February 11th to 15th. He can consolidate the position of opponents of the construction of Nord Stream 2 to the beginning of the Munich Conference on European Security.

This will weaken the position of European currencies.

February 4-8: rising oil prices and lull in Asian markets


From Monday, the exchanges and currencies of countries in the Asia-Pacific region will be without volumes – the Chinese New Year is coming, which will take the entire working week to celebrate. Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and New Zealand will join this event. Therefore, in the markets of Asian currencies will be a lull.

The focus will be on events in Venezuela. A special contact group of representatives from the EU and Latin America will join the attempts to solve the problem of dual power and avoid a civil war in this country next week.
These events will boost oil prices. Additional support for oil prices will be provided by the OPEC Summit, where the Charter will be discussed, allowing the cartel’s limitations to be extended to oil-producing states that are not part of it.

The Brexit theme, which had previously strengthened the pound, can now have a negative impact on it if Teresa May fails to meet with EU leaders within a week. “Brexit without a contract” is the worst option, but EU politicians publicly refuse to negotiate.

The following important events are expected in the USA:

  • China should respond to Donald Trump’s ultimatum to conclude a trade agreement before March 1;
  • the Fed should raise $ 52 billion from the market, which is one and a half times the usual amount of purchases;
  • Canada will decide on the extradition of the daughter of Huawei founder to the United States;
  • Trump will address the US Congress;
  • The former President’s lawyer will testify to the House Committee of Representatives committee in exchange for protection from prosecution.

    These events will contribute to the strengthening of the US dollar and pressure on European currencies, which together with the Brexit events are likely to significantly lower the British pound.

    Large movements of currencies, obviously, will be timed to the time of the release of the following news: meetings on the level of interest rates of the Central Bank of Great Britain, Australia, India, Brazil, as well as the publication of data on US GDP.

Two Raffs and Keltner Raschke – double accuracy of Forex trading


New robot for the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The robot uses two Raff channels to determine the trend direction. Moreover, the channels are built on different timeframes. Current and senior timeframes are used. Trading is allowed only in the direction in which both channels will be synchronized. Trading is carried out in the high-speed Keltner-Raschke channel, and only in the direction of the global trend.

For example, when trading with default parameters on GBPJPY, the current H1 timeframe is used. There will be trading between the borders of the Keltner-Raschke channel. This channel is located inside the fast channel of Raff, built on the same timeframe. On the higher timeframe H4, a slow Raff channel is built, which serves to monitor global trends and indicate the main trend. All this together provides increased accuracy in the Forex market, and allows you to trade with good profit with minimal risk.

The robot belongs to the low-cost models, but provides increased reliability and minimal risks with good profitability.

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