November 22-26, 2021. High degree of uncertainty


The coming week brings unpredictability to all markets. The main event will be the release of the Fed Protocols with the distribution of votes and comments on future monetary policy. They will be published on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, cutting off the opportunity for US investors to win back the reaction to their publication from the rest of the financial world. Due to the holiday, the maximum amount of US statistics transferred from the last days of the week will move to Wednesday. This will only increase the volatility and unpredictability of reactions to certain numbers of important indicators.
An additional factor of pressure on the Forex market will be a possible decision on the candidacy of the head of the Fed. Jerome Powell’s term expires in February and Joe Biden is now considering extending or replacing him with Lael Brainard. In the latter case, the dollar is expected to weaken significantly. Otherwise, there is a possibility of its strengthening.