Market Asymmetry – profit due to market skew


The idea of ​​making a profit with any market shift is realized. The moment of the beginning of tracking the market is set by the trader. Over time, the market will necessarily shift in one direction. Regardless of the direction of its displacement, the robot will establish an order and make a profit. The robot can be used as an automaton or as an effective interactive assistant for manual trading.

The trader sets the starting point by moving the starting line on the chart. Depending on where the market deviates relative to the initial line, trade will go up or down. The robot accompanies the transaction before the take-profit. If the market suddenly goes the other way, then the robot will turn the deal over, and still get a profit. Thus, profitable work is provided when the price moves in any direction. The robot works on any currency pairs, the timeframe does not matter, no indicators are needed, the robot can be manually intervened at any stage, correcting the strategy.

The robot is offered at a minimum cost, which is justified in one trading session.

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