Market Asymmetry – робот, отслеживающий асимметрию рынка

Interactive assistant for manual trading on a real account. The robot monitors the phenomenon of market asymmetry, which occurs after the manual entry time has been set. It uses the price movement in any direction relative to the entry point. Provides implementation of many different trading strategies. Manual intervention in the process of deal management is allowed.

Strategy – the robot monitors the appearance of sufficient market asymmetry and takes profits

You can use any strategy for manual trading based on tracking of the price deviation from the market entry point (day, week, news, etc.). Select the market entry moment and enable the robot. You can also postpone the entry until the price reaches a given level, by manually moving the start line. The robot places a two BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP pending orders near the specified line of the initial level, located beyond the local extremums. When the market shifts, one of the orders becomes a market order, it is managed by the EA until the specified take profit is reached. The remaining pending order will serve as a safety lock. It follows the price according to the adaptive algorithm that minimizes the losses. In case of a market reversal, it provides compensation for losses. The previous order is set as pending order again. Thus, effective work is possible when the price moves in any direction relative to the given entry point.

Main settings

  • Language – language of the messages (English, Russian);
  • Mode of entering the market – market entry mode (Start now – immediate start, Start delayed – delayed start, Initialization – initialization of a new entry point);
  • Repeat of trading cycles – repetition of trade cycles (One trading cycle – one trading cycle is allowed, Many trading cycles – multiple trading cycles are allowed);
  • Lot – lot;
  • Take profit BUY – take profit for buy orders (points), 0 – no take profit;
  • Take profit SELL – take profit for sell orders (points), 0 – no take profit;
  • Magic – magic number for orders;
  • Timeframe for analysis of extremes – timeframe to analyze the extremums (not connected with the chart timeframe).

Features of use

The robot works on all currency pairs and timeframes on accounts with 5 and 4-digit quotes without reconfiguring or optimization, you can set any lot value. Initial deposit is $10 or higher.

Select the market entry moment on the assumption that its volatility will be sufficient to reach one of the defined take profit levels, and activate the robot at this moment (the Start now mode). The robot sets the initial level line at the entry price, with BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP pending orders near this line, behind local extremes. As the market asymmetry develops, one order will become a market order and will wait to be closed at the specified take profit. If take profit is not specified, the position should be closed manually once the price reaches the desired level. The initial level line can be moved during operation at any time. Accordingly, the robot will trail the safety pending order by the adaptive algorithm to minimize the possible losses. In case of a market reversal, the robot will automatically start trading in the opposite direction.

The moment of the initial order placement can be delayed until the price reaches a given level. To do this, set the Initialization mode, the initial level line is moved manually during the work. Then activate the Start delayed mode. In this case, the robot starts placing orders only after the price crosses the specified line.

The trade cycle is considered to be complete when one of the take profit levels is reached. When using the recommended trade cycle repetition mode One trading cycle, briefly activate the Initialization mode to reinitialize the robot before the start of the next cycle.

Positions of orders and the initial level line can be manually adjusted at any stage of trading, regardless of the strategy.

If the process of work reveals a flat at the level of the initial line that causes the trading direction to be switched too frequently, it is advisable to manually move the line beyond the flat.

Download demo version. It only works in the strategy tester.

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