March 11-15. Brexit again


Brexit questions are still unresolved and continue to have a big impact on the rate of major currencies. This week is expected to stabilize the US dollar. This is due to the uncertainty of the outcome of the future, perhaps a three-day Brexit vote. At the first stage, on Tuesday, the English Parliament will hear new proposals for secession from the EU from Prime Minister Theresa May. She must agree them with the European Commission before Monday – this is the ultimatum period, otherwise European leaders will refuse any negotiations on this topic.

If Parliament is not satisfied with the version of the submitted document, there will be two days, during which a decision will be made to withdraw without conditions or to extend the Brexit deadline, which ends on March 29.

The ultimatum of the European Union will be explained by the imminent budget problems of Greece and Italy; on Monday, the finance ministers of 27 countries will try to resolve these issues. If Greece is ready for dialogue, then negotiations with the Italian Cabinet of Ministers are complicated by the presence of “populists” in it, bound by election promises of social benefits.