HandMarket – automatic machine for trade in the channel, which is built by hands


Interactive robot for automation of manual trading. A person sets a figure in the market, which needs to be worked out with profit. All further work the robot takes over.

Robots can not yet accurately determine the shape of the market (trend channels, flags, triangles, oblique flat, and others). Only man is able to do it right. This robot allows you to combine the dignity of man and machine. It is enough for a person to make a fundamental decision about which figure in the market needs to be worked out, and also to indicate this figure. To specify a figure is very easy by moving the restrictive lines directly on the chart. Then the control is transferred to the robot, which will make profit by trading in this figure. After going beyond the borders of the figure (when the market changes), trade is interrupted until the next person’s decision.

This robot is sold at the lowest price, but with the trading skills of the trader, it allows you to get very large profits.

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