Hand Pattern – the trader sets the pattern, the robot trades inside the pattern

A robot that helps a trader-man trade in manual strategy, using arbitrary market patterns. A person defines patterns much better than any robot. This robot allows a person to set the boundaries of the found pattern directly on the chart. Then the robot automatically trades in this pattern until the price goes beyond its limits. The robot is equipped with a simple and understandable visual control panel, which makes trading as simple and effective as possible.

Trading strategy – automated trading inside a pattern set by a person

A large number of patterns are known on the market: an inclined trend channel, a tapering or expanding channel, a horizontal flat, a triangle, a flag, etc. The Hand Pattern robot perfectly performs all these figures. In this case, the trader manually sets the boundaries of the figure directly on the chart, which eliminates errors and inaccuracies inherent in machine algorithms. The robot trades within a given pattern from one border to another until the logic of the market changes to a price beyond the specified figure. In this case, the trade stops, and the robot is waiting for the trader to set the next pattern.

Buttons on the control panel

  • Trading/Settingswitching the operating modes: “Trade” or “Manual setting of pattern boundaries”;
  • Raff/Customswitching pattern type: “Raff channel” or “Customizable”;
  • Stop if exit to stop trading at a single exit of the price abroad of the pattern (Yes/No);
  • Change TP  – to move the take-profit after the shift of the pattern boundary (Yes/No);
  • Change SL to move the stop-loss after the shift of the pattern boundary (Yes/No);
  • Close ALL close all orders;
  • Resetreset to the initial state (the initial state is set by the input parameters).

Basic input parameters

  • Magic magic number of orders;
  • Task – current task (Trading or manual setting of pattern boundaries;
  • Language messages – (English, Russian);
  • Lot  – lot of orders.

Parameters that determine the trading strategy

  • Pattern type –  Raff channel  Customizable;
  • Number of barsnumber of bars for building the Raff channel.;
  • Coefficient of the channel widthwidth factor for building the Raff channel.;
  • Direction of workselect the direction of work (Automatically, only BUY or only SELL);
  • Stop if exit to stop trading at a single exit of the price abroad of the pattern (Yes/No);
  • Change TP  – to move the take-profit after the shift of the pattern boundary (Yes/No);
  • Change SL to move the stop-loss after the shift of the pattern boundary (Yes/No);
  • Criteria (%)distance to the border of the pattern (% of the width of the pattern along the vertical), at which to place the order;
  • Step change goals (pips) – step to change placed order targets (points).

Recommendations for use

This robot can be used on 5 and 4-bit accounts. The initial deposit is from $ 10. Currency pair and any timeframe. You can simultaneously include multiple copies of the robot in one trading terminal (with different Magic). If the market pattern is correctly set, several profitable trades should be obtained in one work cycle and one loss-making transaction is possible (shown in the screenshots). An unprofitable transaction is obtained when you go abroad the specified area against the trend. Features of robot testing are shown on video.

Just run the robot and wait for profit is not desirable, the trade will not be optimal.

The correct start of the robot is carried out in 2 stages:

 1. Manual setting of pattern boundaries. To do this, press the Setting button. Starting the work, the robot draws two lines, by which the user must manually indicate the boundaries of the market figure on the chart of the selected currency pair. By default, the Raff channel build mode is turned on, it should be disabled by clicking the Custom button and manually moving the bounding lines on the graph to cover the desired pattern that is currently on the market (trend, widening or narrowing channel, flag, pennant, triangle, and etc). The robot will remember the position of the lines.
2. Running the trade. To start the trading process, you need to click the Trading button. The robot begins to work, analyzes the position of the price relative to the established boundaries of the specified pattern, and establishes orders. Orders are set only on the trend, determined automatically by the robot according to the slope of the figure of the specified pattern.The robot trades while the price moves within the specified pattern. When the price leaves the zone of the pattern, the robot stops working. In this case, the limiting lines become red. To restart the robot, you need to make a new pattern on the selected currency pair (you can wait or switch to another currency pair, which has the desired pattern). Press the Setting button, again manually designate the new pattern with the restraining lines. Then re-run the trade by clicking the Trading button.
The trading strategy is set by a combination of the appropriate settings in the input parameters and on the control panel. The most important settings relating to the behavior of the robot when the price of the pattern goes outside the border, and the nature of support for the orders’ goals are made on the control panel.
So, with the Stop if exit button you specify the order of work when the price goes out of the pattern. If the button is released (Stop if exit = NO), the robot will continue to trade each time the price is returned to the inside of the specified pattern. If the button is pressed (Stop if exit = YES), the trade will be stopped when the pattern is exited for the first time, and the robot waits for the trader to turn on the Setting mode again and indicate a new pattern. Only after this trade can be resumed.
The buttons Change TP and Change SL specify the behavior of the take-profit and stop-loss orders respectively, when it is shifted relative to the limit lines during the trade, or when the trader manually traverses the lines. When set to Yes, the order targets will be shifted following the movement of the pattern boundaries.

The Close ALL button is used to forcefully close all orders with the Magic specified in the input parameters. It is convenient to use in exceptional cases, when a trader decides to stop trading.

The Reset button allows you to reset the control panel settings. The settings are set to the position specified by the corresponding input parameters.

Download demo version. It only works in the strategy tester.

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