Hand Custom Channel – semiautomatic device for trading in channels


Interactive robot semi-automatic. Man manually sets lines that limit the market figure directly on the chart. So you can specify the widening or narrowing channel, horizontal or oblique flat, triangle, flag, etc. Inside the figure indicated by the person, the robot conducts the trade until the price exceeds the specified limits.

A person can correctly recognize figures in the market. No machine algorithm can do this correctly. But the correctness of the detection of market figures directly affects the efficiency of trade. Therefore, the main thing, the analysis of the market, it is decided to entrust to the person-trader. The trader can easily identify any kinds of trend channels, flags, flattenes, triangles and other figures. By moving the restrictive lines directly on the chart of the currency pair, the trader marks the figure he saw. Then the robot “Hand Custom Channel” enters the case, which concludes deals and trades, making profit, while the price fluctuates within the limits of the specified figure. When the price goes beyond the specified limits, the trade stops and the robot waits for the next instruction of the trader. The robot effectively takes all the profits, from all the movements inside the figure.

By combining the settings of the robot, the trader can apply a variety of various trading strategies.

The robot belongs to the average price category, but it allows you to start trading with a minimum deposit of $ 10-50.

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