Hand Custom Channel – automation of manual trading in patterns

Interactive trading robot. It trades inside various market formations: the trend channel of Ruff, the narrowing or expanding channel, the horizontal flat, the triangle, the flag, etc. The lines that limit these formations are set by the man manually.

Strategy – a person sets a pattern (figure) of the market, a robot trades inside a pattern

Fully automatic robots can not accurately recognize trend channels and other market figures. Only a person can do it right. This robot allows a person to manually designate the selected figure on the chart, and then the robot trades automatically within the specified area from one border to another. When you go abroad, this area changes the logic of the chosen strategy, so the trade must stop until the person indicates the next figure. Within a given area, the robot places orders on a trend determined automatically, or in the direction indicated by the trader. Installed orders are accompanied by a robot for the most effective use of market movements within the designated area. By combining the appropriate robot settings, a trader can apply a variety of different trading strategies.

Main settings

  • Magic magic order number;
  • Task -current task (Trading, Setting the trend lines, Reset to initial conditions);
  • Language messagesEnglish, Russian;
  • Lot – lot value.

Parameters defining the trading strategy

  • Channel typethe channel type (Raff channel or User-configurable channel);
  • Number of barsnumber of channel bars, if Raff’s channel is selected;
  • Coefficient of the channel widthchannel width factor, if Ruff channel is selected;
  • Direction of workthe choice of the direction of work (Automatically, only BUY or only SELL);
  • Stop if exitfinish if the price is out of the channel;
  • Change TPchange take-profit following the change in the channel (Yes/No);
  • Change SL change stop-loss after changing the channel (Yes/No);
  • Criteria (%)distance to the limit line (% of the channel width), at which to place an order;
  • Step change goals (pips)step of moving the goals of the established order (points).

Recommendations for use

The robot can be used on 5 and 4-bit accounts. The initial deposit is from $ 10. Currency pair and any timeframe. If the market figure is correctly assigned, several profitable trades should be obtained in one work cycle and one loss-making transaction is possible (shown in the screenshots). Loss is obtained when going abroad the specified area against the trend. Features of robot testing are shown on  video.

Just run the robot and wait for profit.

The correct start of the robot is carried out in 2 stages:

1. Manual installation of limit lines. To do this, the Task parameter is set to the Setting the trend lines (manual setting of trend lines). Starting the work, the robot draws two lines, by which the user must manually indicate the boundaries of the market figure on the chart of the selected currency pair. To make things easier, you can temporarily set up a Raff channel, then you can turn it off.

2. Start the operating mode. To start, the Task parameter is set to the Trading position. The robot starts to work and sets up orders.

The robot trades while the price moves within the area indicated by the restrictive lines. When the price leaves this area, the robot stops working. In this case, the limiting lines become red. To restart the robot it is necessary that a new characteristic market figure is formed on the selected currency pair (you can wait or switch to another currency pair with the desired figure on it). The Task parameter is again set to the Setting the trend lines, manually designates the new market figure with the restricting lines, and again starts the trade by selecting the Trading task from the Task parameter.

The trading strategy is set by a combination of the corresponding parameters. In addition to the type of channel and the direction of work, they can set the behavior of the robot when the price leaves the channel, the nature of the order support, as well as the criteria for entering the market.

To reset the limit lines to the initial position, the Task parameter is temporarily set to Reset to initial conditions.


Download demo version. It only works in the strategy tester.

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