GapReal – automatic gap trading


Professional robot trading on a real account. You can start working with a minimum deposit of $20. Uses regularities of a price gap closing.

The market often has price gaps especially after holidays and weekends. These gaps are likely to close, i.e. the price almost always approaches to the center of the gap. That is why trades directed to the center of the gap are profitable in the majority of cases. The robot tracks beginning of the gap and places an order with take profit close to the center of the gap with a very small stop loss.

When working on real account and under unfavorable trading conditions, the robot uses following ways of protection: protection from entering the market with unacceptably large spread (it often happens at the week starting or after a holiday on accounts with floating spread), the market is entered only when the price is moving in desired direction, compensation of real slippage. Along with efficient money management which adapts trade volume for accumulated funds, this method ensures good profitability and minimum risks.

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