GapPro – gap trading


The robot is the continuation of a series of automatic systems for profitable trading at price gaps (gap). A regularity is used, according to which most of the gaps that arise in the markets immediately after the weekend tend to close. The robot tracks these moments and uses them to make a profit.

Price gaps in the market (gaps) often arise after weekends or holidays. This is due, as a rule, the release of important news on the weekend. An important property of gaps is the desire for price to the beginning of the gap (closing the gap). This property is used by the robot for profit. The robot opens the position at the moment of appearance of the gap. The position is always directed towards its closure. Maintenance of an open position by a robot is performed until a specified profit is achieved. Virtual targets are used to protect against unscrupulous brokers. In addition, transactions are provided with safety objectives to protect against losses in the event of technical equipment failures.

The robot is equipped with all kinds of protections necessary to work in adverse conditions on a real account. Together with flexible management of the capital, adapting the volume of transactions to the size of the deposit and reinvesting the accumulated funds, this makes the work of the robot as safe and effective as possible.

The robot showed excellent results when working on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and XAUUSD. It can be easily optimized for any currency pair. Starts with a minimum deposit of $ 20.

At an average price, the robot provides very high profits with a small number of transactions. In this case, most of the transactions are profitable.

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