GapPro – forex robot that trades in gaps

GapPro is a robot designed for professional trading on a real account. It uses regularities of a price gap closing. You can start working with a minimum deposit of $20.

Strategy – a gap is used for trading that occurs after weekends or holidays

The market often has price gaps especially after holidays and weekends. The main feature of gaps is their tendency to close (prices return to the initial position). According to studies, most gaps eventually close. This market pattern is used by the robot. The robot tracks market gaps and opens a position directed towards their closure. Open positions are tracked up to a virtual take profit or stop loss. Also, target values are used to protect against losses in case of technical failures.

The robot is equipped with all the protections necessary to work in adverse conditions on a real account. Along with flexible money management which adapts trade volume to a deposit and re-invests accumulated funds, this makes the robot as secure and efficient as possible.

Market gaps emerge arguably rare (usually after holidays), this is why the robot opens only 2-4 trades per month, but these trades are highly accurate and have an increased volume making them particularly efficient.

Robot testing and use are demonstrated in the video.


The test was performed on real account quotes showing steady work on long periods (3-5 years). The EA managed to turn the initial $100 into more than $65 000 when testing on 5-year period EURUSD with default settings. Also, good results were obtained when testing on other currency pairs (results are shown on the screenshots).


Main parameters

  • Language – language of the messages (Eng/Rus);
  • Magic – order magic number;
  • Size of the gap – gap size, above which trades are allowed, points; (*)
  • Coefficient of the take profit – coefficient to calculate take profit depending on the gap size (0.2-1.0); (*)
  • Virtual stop loss – virtual stop loss, points; (*)
  • Distance to safety levels – distance from virtual to safety levels, points;
  • To control the spread – manage spread before opening trades (Yes/No);
  • Maximum spread – maximum spread to open trades (if To control the spread = Yes);

Additional Parameters

  • Use money management – apply money management (Yes/No);
  • Magnification factor of the lot – coefficient of lot linear dependence on funds in money management; (*)
  • Initial lot – initial lot in case of a disabled money management.

Interface parameters allow to customize the display style of on-screen information and do not require comments.

Usage tips

The robot can be used on 5 and 4-digit quote accounts, although the former is preferable. The number of digits in quotes is defined automatically. At the same time, the input parameters specified in points should always be set as for 5-digit quotes (set by default). Account leverage is at least 1:500.

I recommend applying the robot on minimum spread accounts. In case of a floating spread prone to excessive expansion, disable opening trades in case of an invalid spread (To control the spread = Yes). A trade is opened after the spread becomes less than the value set in Maximum spread.

The Maximum spread parameter should exceed the minimum spread of a certain account. Otherwise, the robot will not work. It will be the best if the robot provides fixed spread not exceeding 10-20 pips.

Further optimization is usually not required. But it might be required if you change your broker especially with increasing spread. In this case, the parameters indicated by (*) are subject to optimization.











Download demo version. It only works in the strategy tester.

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