Gap Professional – Forex trading robot using the effect of closing gaps

Professional trading on a live account. Flexible settings that allow you to use many trading strategies on gaps. Minimum deposit of $ 10.

Strategy – immediately after a price gap on a currency pair, the price tends to its original value. On this movement you can get a good profit.

Often gaps are observed on market charts. These are areas where the price has spasmodically changed. Such phenomena most often occur after weekends or holidays, when any fundamental factors change during the closed market period. Gaps can also occur during the trading week, at times of surge in market volatility.

An important property of almost any market is that after the occurrence of a gap, the price tends to return to the beginning of the gap. This effect is called gap closure. A study of the patterns of movement of major Forex currency pairs showed that most gaps are at least partially closed immediately after occurrence. A trading strategy based on this phenomenon has been very effective.

The Gap Professional robot takes into account all the laws of price movement in the event of a gap in the market. If there is a gap of sufficient magnitude, then the robot quickly assesses the situation by analyzing many technical criteria for price behavior. If the probability of full or partial closure of the gap is high enough, then the robot calculates the target and opens a position in the direction of closing the gap. The goals of the position are calculated individually, depending on the current parameters of the price movement, which ensures good adaptability of the robot to the changing characteristics of the market.

Open positions are continuously followed by the robot until closing. The robot provides various types of trailing stop. If necessary, it can be disabled. This makes it easy to adapt the robot to work in any environment.

An important innovation provided in the robot is the ability to use the tick criterion to analyze the possibility of entering the market. He has a low inertia, and with great accuracy indicates the desired moment of opening a position. Due to this, almost the entire price movement at the close of the gap can be used to make a profit.

All functions of the robot are adaptive and easily controlled by input parameters, which allows you to professionally configure the robot for any trading conditions. At the same time, the set of input parameters is not overloaded, it contains only the most necessary. The parameters are grouped into categories, which makes it easy to understand the settings even for a beginner.

The robot has all the locks and protections that allow it to successfully work in adverse conditions on a real account. This issue takes into account all the previous experience of previous developments. In many cases, the robot adequately overcomes the difficult situations characteristic of trading on real accounts, which are caused by slippage, requotes, lack of quotes, spread expansion, communication failures, etc.

Flexible managed money management automatically adapts the lot of transactions to the accumulated volumes and allows you to reinvest the funds received. All this makes the work of the robot as profitable and safe as possible.

On major currency pairs, gaps are relatively rare. As a rule, gaps are accompanied by the opening of markets after days off or holidays, sometimes gaps occur on regular days during periods of important news releases. Therefore, the robot does not open deals often. However, transactions are highly accurate and open with increased volume, providing very high trading efficiency.



  • Comment – the comment on the parameters (any text);
  • Magic – magic number for positions (if several copies of the robot work on one account, then you need to set different values);
  • Language – robot message language (English / Russian);
  • Trading days – allowed trading days (Only monday / All days);
  • Max spread when opening – maximum spread (points, if 0 – do not control the spread);


  • Size of the gap – minimum gap size, more than which it is allowed to open deals (points);
  • Coefficient of the take profit – the share of the gap used for profit (0.2-1.0);
  • Tick criterion – tick criterion for deciding whether to open a position (number of ticks in the direction of closing the gap, 0 – do not use the criterion);


  • Lot selection – selection of lot management method (Automatic money management / Fixed lot);
  • Lot for 1000 units of free margin – lot for 1000 units of available funds of the base currency (for automatic money management);
  • Fixed lot – fixed lot for work without money management;


  • Stop loss – initial stop loss (points);
  • Type of trailing – type of trailing (No trailing / Simple trailing – simple trailing with initial stop loss / By extremes of candles – trailing on extremes of candles.);
  • Start trailing – when to start trailing (Immediately / Only when no loss);
  • Trailing step – stop loss move step during trailing (points).

Recommendations for use

The robot can be used to trade on any accounts. But it is preferable to use accounts with 5-digit quotes, a small spread and high speed. The leverage of the account is preferably not less than 1: 500. Large delays and breaks in communication with the broker server are unacceptable.

In the case of a floating spread, when an unacceptable expansion is possible, you should prohibit the position setting with an invalid spread value. To do this, set the Max spread when opening parameter. The transaction will be opened when the spread becomes less than the specified value. Zero value of the parameter disables spread control, in this case the positions will be set at any value of the spread.

The Max spread when opening parameter should always be set greater than the minimum spread of a particular account. Otherwise, the robot will not work. Good results are obtained if the broker provides a fixed spread of not more than 10-30 pips.

The value of the Tick criterion should not be set too large to avoid excessive delay in entering the market. Acceptable values are 0-30.

It is recommended to use the robot for simultaneous trading on several currency pairs. This increases the stability of trade. When installing the robot on different graphics, install various Magic. Also, the Lot for 1000 units of free margin parameter should be reduced – its value should be divided by the number of currency pairs.

Optimization over time is usually not needed if market parameters have not changed. If the market has changed significantly, then optimization may be needed. Also, optimization may be needed when moving to other brokers, especially those with an increased spread.

If you need optimization, I will tell its features to the buyer in detail in a letter.

New set-files will be posted on this page.

If you have questions, write a letter to the developer. I am pleased to help on any issue.

Download demo version 1.0. It only works in the strategy tester.
For MT4 terminal

Download demo version 1.2. It only works in the strategy tester.
For MT4 terminal

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Set-files of optimal parameters of theGap Professional robot

Date of optimization: 2020.03.03

set-files for the robot version 1.0 and the broker IC Markets
Received on real quotes by IC Markets broker with 100% quality. Account Type: Raw Spread. Timeframe H1.
The best trading results on GBPJPY.
MT4, ICMarkets, AUDUSD, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set
MT4, ICMarkets, GBPJPY, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set
MT4, ICMarkets, GBPUSD, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set
MT4, ICMarkets, USDCAD, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set

set-files for robot version 1.0 and Alpari broker
Received on real quotes broker Alpari with a quality of 100%. Account Type: Standard. Timeframe H1.
The best trading results on GBPJPY.
MT4, Alpari, AUDUSD, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set
MT4, Alpari, EURUSD, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set
MT4, Alpari, GBPJPY, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set
MT4, Alpari, GBPUSD, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set
MT4, Alpari, USDCAD, H1 2018.01.01-2020.03.01.set

Date of optimization: 2020.03.23

set-files for the robot version 1.2 and the broker IC Markets
Received on real quotes by IC Markets broker with 100% quality. Account Type: Raw Spread. Timeframe H1.
Tested on the interval 2018.01.01 – 2020.03.23.
The best trading results on GBPJPY.
MT4 ICMarkets AUDUSD H1 2020.03.34.set
MT4 ICMarkets EURUSD H1 2020.03.23.set
MT4 ICMarkets GBPJPY H1 2020.03.23.set
MT4 ICMarkets GBPUSD H1 2020.03.23.set
MT4 ICMarkets USDCAD H1 2020.03.23.set

set-files for robot version 1.2 and Alpari broker
Received on real quotes broker Alpari with a quality of 100%. Account Type: Standard. Timeframe H1.
Tested on the interval 2018.01.01 – 2020.03.23.
The best trading results on GBPJPY.
MT4 Alpari AUDUSD H1 2020.03.23.set
MT4 Alpari EURUSD H1 2020.03.23.set
MT4 Alpari GBPJPY H1 2020.03.23.set
MT4 Alpari GBPUSD H1 2020.03.23.set
MT4 Alpari USDCAD H1 2020.03.23.set

Date of optimization: 2020.07.29

New set-files for the Gap Professional robot and IC Markets broker
Account type: Raw Spread. Timeframe H1.
Optimization was performed on real broker quotes with 100% quality. Optimization interval 2020.04.01 – 2020.07.29.
MT4 ICMarkets AUDUSD H1 2020.04.01-2020.07.29.set
MT4 ICMarkets EURUSD H1 2020.04.01-2020.07.29.set
MT4 ICMarkets GBPJPY H1 2020.04.01-2020.07.29.set
MT4 ICMarkets GBPUSD H1 2020.04.01-2020.07.29.set
MT4 ICMarkets USDCAD H1 2020.04.01-2020.07.29.set


Download demo version 1.2. It only works in the strategy tester.
For MT4 terminal

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