Dual Raff Channel – robot using two Raff channels

The robot is intended for trading on a real account. Two channels of Hilbert Raff are being constructed. The external channel allows you to determine the direction of the global trend. Inside it, in another channel, there is a trade in the trend. Provision is made for disabling martingale and money management, transactions are protected by stop-loss.

Trading strategy – inside the fast Raff channel in the direction of the global trend

The robot calculates two channels by the method of Hilbert Raff. These channels cover different periods, and accordingly reflect global and local trends. The most effective and safe is trade with the coincidence of directions of identified trends. Entry into the market and profit taking takes place near the boundaries of the internal channel. Positions open only in the direction of the trend defined by the external channel. Thus, most of the positions are closed at a profit. Loss positions are averaged by additional transactions, which are calculated so that their aggregate is also closed at a profit. As the deposit grows due to money management, the volume of transactions increases to reconcile available funds, profitability and risk. Testing and application of the robot is shown in the video.


During testing for the period from January 2015 to April 2018 on pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAGUSD and hour timeframe with an initial capital of $ 1000 and with default settings, the robot received a profit of $ 1928-3873 with a spread of 10-20. When testing on XAUUSD, optimized parameters (set-file) were used, on the same period and timeframe, with the 200 distributed, the robot received a profit of $2000.

Recommendations for use

For the work of the robot, no indicators are required, all the necessary algorithms are contained in a single robot file. To control the operation of the robot, you can use the additional indicator Raff Channel indicator, which displays the Ruff channel. It can be set on one schedule with the robot. One indicator is set up with two indicators, setting their parameters as the corresponding input parameters of the robot.

By switching the Open counter positions parameter, you can enable or disable the setting of counter positions when the entry criteria in the opposite direction are met. Allowing counter positions increases the total number of trading cycles and reduces drawdowns due to locking.

The robot is easily optimized for work on other currency pairs and timeframes.
I will tell you the features of optimization in a personal message.


Main settings

  • Languagerobot message language (Eng, Rus);
  • Magic magic number for orders;
  • Open counter positions –  (Yes, No);
  • Number of barsnumber of bars for calculating the channel, respectively internal and external;
  • Coefficient of the channel widthcoefficient of channel width, respectively internal and external;
  • Entry criteriadistance to the trend line (in% of the width of the channel) to enter the transaction / exit from the transaction;
  • Gradient criteriathe gradient of the inclination of the internal channel, at which it is permitted to conclude deals;
  • Offset for determining Gradient criteriaoffset for gradient calculation;
  • Distance to safety levelsdistance to safety levels, pips.

Averaging parameters

  • Use martingale –  (Yes, No);
  • Step of averaging positions –  pips;
  • Lot increase coefficient ;
  • Maximum number of steps for averaging positionsthe maximum number of steps of averaging (if all is exceeded);
  • Coefficient of stopthe stop ratio (the fraction of the averaging step, 0.1 … 1);
  • Specified profit with averaginggiven averaging profit, $ by 0.01 lot.

Additional parameters

  • Clearanceclearance above characteristic points (pips);
  • Use money management (Yes, No);
  • Initial lot.

The robot can be used on 5-digit or 4-digit quotes. The quotes are quoted automatically. In this case, the input parameters specified in the clauses should always be set as for 5-digit quotes (they are set by default).

Download demo version. It only works in the strategy tester.

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