Dual Raff Channel – two channels with different parameters


A successful attempt to organize trading in the channel of Hilbert Raff, taking into account the direction of the global trend. For this, the robot builds two Ruff channels with different characteristics. The high-frequency channel is mounted inside the low-frequency channel, and it trades along the trend between the channel boundaries. This approach proved to be very effective for the qualitative filtering of transactions, which allowed for effective and safe trade.

The Raffa channel covers a relatively long period of time with a long period, and it allows to determine the direction of the global trend, as well as the boundaries of its oscillatory movements. Within this channel, each vibration is analyzed. It is approximated by the second Ruff channel, only with a shorter period. For trade, price fluctuations are used in the internal channel. Transactions are only in the direction of the global trend, which significantly increases the likelihood of their closing by take-profit.

The robot showed good results of trading on major currency pairs, as well as on silver and gold. With a small price, it allows you to earn money in financial markets.

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