Dual Bollinger Channel – two channels with different parameters


The effectiveness of the use of John Bollinger’s channel is beyond doubt. However, to obtain a profitable trading strategy, you have to apply additional transaction filters. In this robot they are the second Bollinger channel. A special feature of the algorithm is the calculation of two channels with different parameters. This ensures the accuracy of entering the market, and hence profitable trade.

Current version: 1.0. Last edition: 2018.06. 19. For the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The purpose of the first Bollinger channel is to identify the global trend. This channel is slow and is built around a relatively large number of bars. The slope of this channel shows the direction of the global trend. It has long been known that the most effective and safe trade is obtained if the transactions open in the direction of the global trend. Inside the slow channel, the internal rapid Bollinger channel is built. With its help, a local trend is recognized. This channel covers all fluctuations in price movement. Trade is carried out in a fast channel, from one border to another. Transactions are only in the direction of the global trend, determined by an external channel. Thus, trade turns out to be quite safe and very effective, since all price movements in the internal channel are used to generate profit. Most of the transactions are closed at a profit.

The robot is inexpensive, but it allows you to quickly and reliably increase your deposit.

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