Day Breakout – trading on the breakout of the daily level

Low-risk conservative trading. The main entry criterion is the breakout of the daily extremum. No risky strategies. No indicators. Trading is performed based on accurate calculations and forecasts. Trades are protected by stop loss. You can work with a minimum deposit of $ 10.

There are two variants of the robot: for the MT4 terminal and for the MT5 terminal.


The robot monitors the market situation when, after the onset of a new day, the level of the high or low of the previous day is broken. Experience shows that in this case, as a rule, there is a significant price movement towards the breakout. The market is entered only when, according to calculations, the probability of reaching a take profit is maximum. If the position is not closed by take profit or stop loss, then at the user’s choice it can be automatically closed by the robot at the end of the day. This allows you to rationally use price movements to get a profit.



  • Comment — comments on the settings (any text);
  • Magic — magic number for positions;
  • Language — message language of the robot (Eng / Rus);


  • Lot selection — lot management method (Automatic money management/ Fixed lot);
  • Lot for 1000 units of free margin — lot per 1000 units of available funds of the base currency (for automatic money management);
  • Fixed lot — fixed lot for work without money management;


  • Stop loss —  stop loss of a position, points; 
  • Take profit —  take profit of position, points, пт;
  • Trading start hour — trading start time, (0-12) hour;
  • Trading end hour — trading end time, (14-20) hour;


  • Method of forced closing of position  — method of closing trades at the end of the day (0 – do not close, 1 – close at the end of the day in any case, 2 – close at the end of the day in case of profit, 3 – close at the end of the day in case of loss);
  • Forced closing hour — time of forced position closing, (20-23) hour;
  • Clearance — clearance behind characteristic levels, points .

Features of use

The timeframe can be any, the trading results do not depend on it. The minimum deposit is from $10, but for a quick acceleration, it is desirable is from $300. Default parameters are set for GBPJPY.

Simultaneous trading on several currency pairs is recommended, this provides a more stable trading with less risks. In this case, it is desirable to decrease the Lot for 1000 units of free margin parameter, it is divided by the number of pairs.

The robot is easily optimized for other trading instruments.

Download demo version 1.1. for terminal MetaTrader 4.

Download demo version 1.2. for terminal MetaTrader 5.

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