Thursday December 20th


Thursday is rich in important news: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, England. Basic information – employment and interest rates. Market volatility will be increased.

Information on the rate of the Bank of Japan will coincide with the beginning of the European session. This is the last meeting this year and the head of Haruhiko Kuroda may share his plans for next year. At the beginning of 2018, the head of BoJ spoke about possible measures to tighten monetary policy, so some experts are afraid of clarifications at this press conference. Any such hint can cause a strong movement in the yen.

During the European session, the decision and results of voting at the rate of the Bank of England will be published, along with a large block of UK economic statistics.

At the end of the session, the traditional number of applications for US unemployment will be released, but traders will pay attention to production activity from the Fed of Philadelphia, data on which can strengthen the US dollar.