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Robots based on strategies for using price gaps

Gap and Trail robot created for MetaTrader5 platform


The well-known Gap and Trail robot, distinguished by high efficiency when working on the Forex markets, can now also work on the new MetaTrader5 platform. This opens up new opportunities for the adaptation of algorithmic trading to the conditions of modern markets, which makes it possible to make profits steadily and safely.

GapPro – gap trading


The robot is the continuation of a series of automatic systems for profitable trading at price gaps (gap). A regularity is used, according to which most of the gaps that arise in the markets immediately after the weekend tend to close. The robot tracks these moments and uses them to make a profit. Price gaps… Read More »

GapReal – automatic gap trading


Professional robot trading on a real account. You can start working with a minimum deposit of $20. Uses regularities of a price gap closing. The market often has price gaps especially after holidays and weekends. These gaps are likely to close, i.e. the price almost always approaches to the center of the gap. That is… Read More »