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Robots for Forex trading

Lock balancer robot updated to version 3.1


The lock control algorithm has been completely changed. The algorithm is coordinated with the trader community. The new algorithm has become easier to use and clearer. The main improvement is the ability to close the lock at the breakeven point, which the trader indicates. This significantly reduces locking losses if the price movement requires multiple… Read More »

Gap and Lock – trading on gaps with locking positions


A powerful tool for saving trader’s money – lock, is now used in trading on gaps. Instead of the traditional stop loss, the robot now places a pending order in the opposite direction. Therefore, with a sharp movement of the price against the trader, the loss does not increase, but the main position is maintained… Read More »

New version of the Gap Professional 1.2 robot


The code has been upgraded to increase the reliability of the robot. Enhanced false positive filter. Improved automatic accounting of the policy of setting positions on the broker’s server. This provides a reduction in unforeseen losses and increases the profitability of the robot when working in the market during low liquidity.New set-files with optimal parameters… Read More »