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January 14-20, 2019


Most important this week: voting in the English Parliament on the terms of leaving the European Union; another attempt to overcome the “Shatdaun” in the United States; reports of world energy agencies on the state of the oil market; an unplanned visit by Vice Premier of the State Council of the PRC Liu He is… Read More »

We expect this week


This week will be the first full-fledged working week in the new 2019 year. The main event will be, obviously, the fact of opening a new round of trade negotiations between China and the United States. Their results will have a big impact on the markets. In the event of a positive outcome, the main… Read More »

The beginning of 2019


In the United States, senators elected during the by-election will take office on January 3, and the Democratic Party will receive a majority in the House of Representatives. The US President is keen to get funding for building a wall with Mexico. None of the opponents intend to retreat, so Thursday may be perceived by… Read More »

Christmas week


The upcoming week will not be easy. The celebration of Christmas will be intertwined with unpredictable political events. The focus should be on the US budget crisis and Brexit solutions. The US president refused to sign the interim budget, which allowed state institutions to work until February 8, 2019, until the Senate approves the appropriation… Read More »

Friday 21 December


This Friday will be very volatile. Increased activity will begin in the morning, the Asian session begins with data on inflation in Japan. During the day, GDP data for Canada, the USA and the UK will be released to the markets. A strong movement of the Canadian dollar is expected if the GDP of this… Read More »

Thursday December 20th


Thursday is rich in important news: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, England. Basic information – employment and interest rates. Market volatility will be increased. Information on the rate of the Bank of Japan will coincide with the beginning of the European session. This is the last meeting this year and the head of Haruhiko Kuroda may… Read More »

Wednesday December 19


On this day there will be a lot of UK news, a large block of statistics is published. Inflation data will be released. The reaction to this news is hard to predict. Everyone expects growth, but how it will be perceived against the background of Brexit, no one can say. Major events in the Forex… Read More »

Tuesday, December 18


Early in the morning, the Reserve Bank of Australia publishes the minutes of the meeting. As a result, increased volatility is expected for currency pairs with AUD. Germany can accelerate the growth of the European currency by publishing the business climate index. The main event of the day will be the state of the US… Read More »