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June 8-12, 2020. The dollar is expected to strengthen


The US dollar is likely to strengthen if the Fed does not make policy adjustments. The Fed will meet next week. This will determine the dynamics of the dollar in the near future. It will be difficult for the head of the department Jerome Powell to offer new incentive tools – the interest rate is… Read More »

New version of the Gap Professional 1.2 robot


The code has been upgraded to increase the reliability of the robot. Enhanced false positive filter. Improved automatic accounting of the policy of setting positions on the broker’s server. This provides a reduction in unforeseen losses and increases the profitability of the robot when working in the market during low liquidity.New set-files with optimal parameters… Read More »

January 27-31, 2020. The dollar benefits


In the coming week, New Year’s holidays in Asia and, especially, China. But the holidays will obviously not be fun. China goes into isolation mode, canceling film premieres, sports and other cultural events, isolating entire cities. The reason is coronavirus. The number of sick and dead will be one of the factors of daily influence… Read More »

December 30 – January 3. New 2020 year


The upcoming New Year will divide the next week into two parts – until January 1 and after. This will lead to a sharp decrease in foreign exchange trading volumes until January 1 and their intensive growth for the two remaining working days of the week. New Year’s holidays is a time of unexpected trends… Read More »

New version of the Gap and Trai 3.1 robot


The code has been upgraded to increase the noise immunity of the robot. Increased filtering reliability from false positives. Unexpected surges of volatility in the middle of the day, causing false gaps, now do not lead to the opening of transactions. This reduces the total number of unprofitable positions and significantly increases the profitability of… Read More »