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August 12-16. Oil – the third wave down


Oil is falling. The tendency to fall will intensify, as a third wave has formed down. It is clearly visible on the daily timeframe. The immediate support is likely to be the level of $ 50.5. The price should approach this level approximately by August 20-23. Also in the coming week, the formation of local… Read More »

July 15 – 19. The dollar recovers its position


Early in the morning on Monday statistics on GDP and the volume of production in China. It is likely that these statistics will be worse than expectations, which will lead to a sharp strengthening of the dollar. Weekend insider information can lead to large gaps when opening markets. During the week, the forecasts of the… Read More »

July 1-5. Key events


G20 summit is over. But its results were largely unclear. Much remains at the level of agreements of the leaders of the countries. In any case, large gaps are expected on the market on Monday, caused by a different understanding of traders of the related economic trends. Traders will still be attracted by the purchase… Read More »

June 24-28, 2019. G20 Summit


In the coming week, the trends of the main world currencies will be determined by the G-20 summit. A number of important bilateral talks between the heads of state will take place in Osaka, among which Donald Trump and Xi Jinping meet. The positive outcome of the communication between the two leaders can stop the… Read More »

May 20-24. European Parliament Elections


The results of the elections to the European Parliament, which will be held from 23 to 26 May, will determine not only the future political picture of Europe, but also predict the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Europe. The current head of the Central Bank of Europe, Mario Draghi, will leave office in… Read More »