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May 10-14, 2021. Strengthening regional currencies


Plans to tighten monetary policy were announced at the recent meetings of the Central Bank of Australia and the Bank of England. During the next five-day working day, several countries of South America, Serbia and the Philippines will hold meetings of the Central Banks. Regulators are likely to confirm the trend of tightening monetary policy… Read More »

April 26-30, 2021. Trends to strengthen the dollar


The strengthening of the dollar index could be the driving force of the next week’s trading. The demand for the American currency will be provided by the change of the investor paradigm and the decision of the FOMC Committee on the FRS rate. The Fed is likely to try to wind down a number of… Read More »

London dynamics robot has been updated to version 3.0


New: For calculations and forecasts, candles built according to GMT are used, which eliminates errors of session price movements in terminals using different times. There are 4 methods for calculating the trend gradient: by the average values of the daily candles of the past two days; by the average values of the daily candles of… Read More »

London dynamics robot has been updated to version 2.0


Now you can set the admissible risk of transactions as a percentage of the deposit yourself.The Profit / Risk ratio of all transactions is controlled.Stop-loss of a trade can be set at Fibo levels inside the Asian flat. London dynamics MT4, MT5

Lock balancer robot updated to version 3.2


Organized storage of the position of the initial locking line. Now after restarting the terminal and switching timeframes, the initial locking line will remain in the last position set by the user. Lock balancer for terminal MT4Lock balancer for terminal MT5