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November 23-27. Ambiguity


The foreign exchange market in the coming week will be under pressure from the unpredictability of Brexit negotiations, an increase in the incidence of Covid-19, a protracted process of transfer of power in the United States, and disputes over a second aid package in the US Congress. The combination of the above factors is a… Read More »

November 16-20, 2020. World events weaken the dollar


In the coming week, Brexit-related events will contribute to the weakening of the dollar, and, consequently, the growth of the major currencies. Britain is now forced to negotiate with the EU. Biden’s victory in the United States left Prime Minister Boris Johnson no choice; England can no longer count on an American trade agreement. Negotiators… Read More »

November 9-13, 2020. Elections


The US presidential election will continue to affect foreign exchange markets over the course of the coming week. Donald Trump is determined to challenge the election, leading to a re-recount in some states. According to analysts, this is unlikely to change the balance that has developed in favor of the Democrat Joe Biden, whose house… Read More »

November 2-6. Solid lockdowns


The fundamental background for the GBP / USD pair can still be described with just a few words: Brexit, negotiations on a trade deal, US elections. And during the last trading week there was no news on any of these topics. Now we are waiting for official information from the negotiating groups or top officials… Read More »