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Robots for automated trading in channel

Raff and Keltner. The global trend is tracked by the Raff method. Trading is done in the Keltner high-speed channel.   Buy $50.

Raff and Bollinger.   Trading in the Bollinger Channel, located inside the Raff Channel. Raff’s Channel indicates the direction of the global trend.  Buy $65.

Dual Bollinger Channel.   Two Bollinger channels with different periods are used. The direction of the global trend is determined by the external channel. Trading is done in the internal channel.   Buy $65.

Dual Raff Channel.   It uses two Raff channels with different periods. External channel determines the direction of the global trend. Trade is conducted in the internal channel.   Buy $65.

Regression Channel double.   Bilateral trade in a regression polynomial channel. Improved security and profitability of trade.   Buy $110.

Regression Channel.   Trade between the boundaries of the regression channel. The channel is based on the polynomial regression method.   Buy $70.

Bollinger Channel.   A robot based on the use of trading strategies in the Bollinger channel.   Buy $50.

Keltner Channel classic.   The classic Keltner channel is used. Trade inside the channel.   Buy $55.

Keltner Raschke Channel.   The method of calculating the Keltner channel in the modification of Linda Raschke is applied.   Buy $65.

Adaptive channel system.   Trading inside the channel formed by moving averages.   Buy $40.


Robots for automated trading on gaps

Gap and Trail. A robot that uses closure gap for profit. It is characterized by increased profitability and low risk. Trade reliability is enhanced by adaptive trailing of open positions.   Buy $200.

GapPro.   Professional robot for trading on gaps. Uses virtual targets not visible to the broker. It works simultaneously on multiple currency pairs.   Buy $100.

GapReal.   A robot that uses the effect of returning a price in case of a gap (gap). It works after weekends or holidays.   Buy $120.


Robots for trading on manual strategies

Hand Pattern.   Visual trading on market patterns. Any pattern is set manually by the trader directly on the chart. Inside the specified pattern, automated trading with a robot is performed. The robot allows you to work on a variety of manual trading strategies. Trade management is carried out by a convenient button interface.   Buy $80.

Hand Custom Channel.   An arbitrary channel is set by the trader on the chart of the trading instrument. The robot trades inside the channel, between its borders.    Buy $65.

Market Asymmetry.   Tracks the appearance of market asymmetry relative to the initial position set by the trader.   Buy $50.

Adaptive Lock.   Designed to reduce losses in manual trading, if the price goes against the trader. The robot automatically locks the position and unlocks when needed.    Buy $150.

HandMarket.   Trading in the channel specified by the user with the help of restrictive lines.   Buy $50.



Raff Channel indicator.   Calculates the channel of Gilbert Raff.

Keltner-Raschke indicator.   Calculates the channel according to the method of Chester Keltner in the modification of Linda Raschke.

Keltner Channel classic indicator.   Calculates the channel by the classic Chester Keltner method.

i-Regr.   Calculation of the polynomial regression channel of any order.