Adaptive Lock – loss limitation and return of profits

Adaptive Lock is an interactive assistant for manual trading, which minimizes the losses at any movement of the price against the trader and allows the profit to grow when the price moves in the right direction.

Strategy – limiting loss by locking and returning deferred profit

Any manual trading strategy can be used. The adaptive position locking algorithm implemented by Adaptive Lock can be used instead of stop loss for any order, including manually opened ones. Place the initial lock line instead of the conventional stop loss. The robot monitors the price action relative to this price. If the price moves against the trader, the robot locks the position with an opposite order, which limits the losses similar to stop loss. But it is better than stop loss, as it allows not losing the position at any, even excessively large movement of price towards the loss.

A timely closed lock allows returning the lost capital at the consequent return of the price to the initial level, and also lets the profit grow as the price moves in the direction of profit. The robot provides all functions for managing the locking near the level defined by trader, minimizing the losses during unfavorable price movements. It automatically opens up an opportunity for the profit to grow while the price moves in the right direction.

Main Parameters

  • Language – language of the messages (English, Russian).
  • Direction – direction of the main order (BUY/SELL).
  • Lot – lot size.
  • Take profit of the main order – take profit of the main order (points), 0 – not used.
  • Mode of entering the market – market entry mode (Auto/Manual).
  • Magic (only for the “Auto” mode) – magic number for orders (only for market entries in the “Auto” mode), 0 – work with orders without the magic number (placed manually).
  • Timeframe for analysis of extremes – timeframe to analyze the extremums (not connected with the chart timeframe).

Peculiarities of usage

The robot works on all currency pairs and timeframes on accounts with 5 and 4-digit quotes without reconfiguring or optimization, you can set any lot value. Initial deposit is $10 or higher.

The robot can place the main pending order and the initial lock line (when the Auto market entry mode is selected) or wait for the trader to place an order manually (the Manual mode). You may use a pending or market order without stop loss as the main order (a lock will be applied instead of stop loss).

In the Auto mode, multiple robots can work in the same terminal if different values of Magic are set. If the robot is used for protecting manually placed orders, Magic must be set to 0. In this case, only one robot and one order can be used in the terminal.

When the main order becomes a market order, the robot places a pending lock at the level defined by the initial lock line. When the price moves in the direction of loss, the locking order becomes a market order and keeps the loss from growing. The price may pass any distance in the distance of loss, but the loss will not increase. When the price returns to the initial lock level, the robot closes the market lock and places a protective pending lock, which allows returning the funds from the drawdown and continuing to receive profit as the price moves in profitable direction. When the price fluctuates about the placed initial lock line, the robot applies a special algorithm to cut the losses and moves the lock beyond the local extremums of the price chart near line.

Positions of orders and the initial lock line can be manually adjusted at any stage of trading, regardless of the strategy.

Once the main order is closed by take profit or manually, the robot automatically closes the lock.

The initial lock level should be placed at a level, where the stop loss would be placed according to the manual trading strategy. However, to reduce the losses of locking, it is recommended to select a level, where a flat is less likely to form. If the process of work reveals a flat at the level of the initial lock line that causes the lock to be triggered frequently, it is advisable to manually move the line beyond the flat.

The video demonstrates three methods of using this robot in detail.

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