Adaptive Lock – automatic locking and unlocking


An exclusive robot that solves the most important task for any trader. This is the task of minimizing losses when the price moves against the trader. At the same time, nothing should prevent profit from growing when the price moves in the right direction.

This task is easily solved by the Adaptive Lock robot. The robot uses an adaptive algorithm for locking loss-making positions. Trader instead of the usual stop-loss is enough to indicate the line of the initial lock directly on the chart. The robot will monitor the behavior of the price relative to this line and make decisions to minimize losses and generate profits. If the price goes against the trader, then the robot locks the available position with a counter order. This limits the loss as a stop-loss, but this is much better than the stop-loss, since it allows you to keep the position for any, even very large price movements in the direction of loss. In this case, the price goes against the trader, and the loss does not increase. When you return the price in the right direction, the robot removes the lock and allows the profit to grow.

The robot can be used for trading on various manual strategies, as well as for solving the problems of minimizing losses together with other robots. His work does not depend on the currency pair, it is applied to any timeframes. In the process of working, you can change conditions, change parameters and interfere with work manually. Optimization is also not needed.

The robot belongs to the average price category, since it allows you to make manual trading as efficient and profitable as possible.

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