Adaptive channel system – forex robot with adaptive channel

This robot is designed for trading on a real account. Trading is performed inside the channel adapted to the market conditions. Deals follow the trend and are opened near the boundary line of the channel. Take Profit is set at the opposite side of the channel. Deals are always protected by stop losses.

Trading strategy – inside the channel that adapts to the Forex market

The robot calculates the channel adapting to the market volatility. Market entries are made near the channel borders provided that the channel gradient is sufficient. Profit is taken at the opposite side of the channel. Since the deals are only opened in the trend direction, the EA tries to close the majority of deals with profit. Losing positions are averaged using additional deals, which are calculated so that their aggregate sum could also be closed with profit. As the deposit grows, the money management is applied to increase the volume of trades to match returns and risk with available funds. Robot testing and use are demonstrated in the video.


The default parameters are optimized to trade with the minimal risk on EURUSD H1. The EA was tested with the default parameters using real ticks. According to the tests, the minimum initial deposit is $100. Use of a higher deposit and of the initial lot may proportionally increase profitability. There is potential for its expansion by a simple optimization of some of its parameters.

Usage tips

No indicators are required for the EA operation. All necessary algorithms are contained in a single EA file. You can enable or disable setting opposite positions when meeting entry criteria in the opposite direction if all positions have already been placed. This is done by selecting the corresponding Open counter positions parameter value. Allowing opposite positions increases the total amount of trading cycles increasing profitability and reduces the number of drawdowns by using locks.

The robot is easily optimizable for other currency pairs and timeframes. Parameters recommended for optimization are marked by (*). I will provide the product buyers with the optimization specifics in a personal message.


Main Parameters

  • Language – English, Russian;
  • Magic number – magic number for orders;
  • Open counter positions – open opposite positions (Yes, No);
  • Method of constructing the channel lines – method of plotting the channel lines;
  • Period of the channel lines – period of channel lines (*);
  • Entry criteria – distance to the trend line (% of the channel width) to enter/exit a trade;
  • Gradient criteria – minimum gradient of the channel, with which market entry is allowed, pts (*);
  • Offset for determining Gradient criteria – offset of the historic bar, relative to which the gradient is determined;
  • Distance to safety levels – distance to safety levels, pts.

Averaging parameters

  • Use martingale – enable the martingale function (Yes, No);
  • Step of averaging positions – step in points (*);
  • Lot increase coefficient – lot increase coefficient;
  • Maximum number of steps for averaging positions – maximum number of averaging step (if exceeded, close all) (*);
  • Coefficient of stop – proportion of the averaging step, determining the stop behind the level of the last order, 0.1 … 1) (*);
  • Specified profit with averaging – preset averaging profit, $ per 0.01 lot.

Additional Parameters

  • Clearance – gap above distinctive spots (points);
  • Use money management – enable the money management system (Yes, No);
  • Initial lot – initial lot.

Interface parameters allow setting the information display style on the screen and does not require comments.

The robot can be used on 5 and 4-digit quotes. The digit parameter is determined automatically. At the same time, the input parameters specified in points should always be set as for 5-digit quotes (set by default).

Download demo version. It only works in the strategy tester.

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