April 6 – 9, 2020. Everything falls, only the dollar grows


The coronavirus in the world has not yet been stopped. This is evidenced not only by the UN World Health Organization, but also by sad statistics. The vaccine has not yet been created – obviously, there are no more such doctors as there were earlier who could think outside the box and find a cure in the most hopeless circumstances. The Bologna education system has finally eliminated smart people in all sectors, including medicine. Therefore, all over the world it will be necessary to strengthen or extend quarantine measures, which will aggravate the economic crisis, and therefore require a new package of measures to support the population and business. They will be presented next week. The United States sets the tone for these processes. Therefore, the trend of strengthening the dollar and gold will continue, coinciding with the decline in stock market indices. The fall of stock indices will negatively affect the rates of major and regional currencies.
The effective OPEC + meeting, which can raise and stabilize energy prices, can slow down the general recession.