March 30 – April 3, 2020. Oil, coronavirus and printing press for the dollar


A noticeable growth of the US dollar will occur in the first half of the week if OPEC does not solve the problem of regulating oil prices. From April 1, cartel members will no longer be bound by any restrictions on production. Therefore, any increase in supply will sharply bring down markets, leaving investors without alternatives to dollar investment.
A possible option is the weakening of the American dollar, launched by traders last week. It can be continued in the middle of next week due to the active work of the “printing press” of the Fed. Huge amounts of US currency are pumped into the markets through QE programs and direct payments to the population from the White House.
Another negative factor for the dollar is the suspension of production against the backdrop of the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country, the number of which exceeded the number of sick Chinese citizens. The US president is trying to prevent isolation, as a reassessment of the threat of a pandemic could trigger investors to exit dollar assets.