October 28 – November 1. Pure English worries


What’s up with Brexit? At the moment, everything goes to the fact that Boris Johnson will resign, as well as Theresa May earlier. Teresa May failed to convince Parliament that she was right. Boris Johnson, who is openly waging war with parliamentarians, has even less chance. Sooner or later, a vote of no confidence will be put on the agenda. And although the vote is not an official order to resign as prime minister, this will be a step in the direction of the resignation of Boris Johnson. Sooner or later, questions will arise: “What did Johnson achieve in the few months of his reign? Which of his campaign promises did you realize? ” And the answers to them are so far obvious. The divorce proceedings between Brussels and London may well drag on for another year or two. The prospects for the British currency are still not as bright. After traders have gone through a week of euphoria due to the decrease in the probability of a “hard” Brexit in the near future to almost 0, it is time to return to harsh weekdays and understand that a “hard” Brexit may not exist, but the “divorce” procedure does not move with Dead center. And she cannot constantly be in such a suspended state. The British pound in the coming week will again be prone to fall, even if the Fed continues to soften monetary policy.