December 21-25, 2020. Growth factors for the dollar


Catholic Christmas December 24th. Therefore, the financial week will be short. Usually during this time, the volatility of the markets decreases markedly. However, there will be a number of disturbing factors this week.

The main factor is that Brexit agreements have not ended. England seeks to restore borders for trade with the EU on a common basis. This will inevitably lead to a weakening of the pound, and as a result, will contribute to the strengthening of the dollar.

Another important factor is the option if the US Congress goes on vacation without adopting an economic aid package, the consideration of which is pending in Congress. This will be another reason for the growth of the American currency. In this case, negative indicators of the country’s economic indicators will only strengthen the dollar, as well as the Christmas factor. Investors will prefer to invest in the dollar, which will raise the rate of the American currency.