December 14-18, 2020. The gap again at the beginning of the week, followed by the unknown


Monday will definitely open with gaps on the major currency pairs. The EU and the UK have decided that Sunday 13 December will be the last day of Brexit negotiations. There is a very high probability that a compromise solution will never be found. Consequently, England will leave the European Union on December 31st without any conditions.

Gaps should close at least half shortly after they occur. The robot Gap Professional will help track these movements and make money on them. Be sure to include it before the markets open.

From Monday December 14, the markets will be working on the main news – the US presidential election.
The electoral college should put an end to this question. Most likely, the college will vote for Biden. Trump no longer has the opportunity to legally turn the situation in his favor. He only has the opportunity to resolve the issue by force, which he is unlikely to do. Trump is a businessman by nature, so in this situation he will most likely prefer not to rush into the embrasure, but to fix losses and move on. However, the situation can get out of control despite his inclinations. Thus, the representatives of the Republicans in the government of the state of Texas have seriously raised the question of the division of the United States, and offer to do the same to some other states. This confrontation is likely to upset the balance of the US political system and have far-reaching consequences.

Thus, in almost any scenario in the US political agenda, the dollar will be under the influence of negative factors for a long time, which means it will weaken, which will give the European currencies an opportunity to add in value.