February 11-15. US-China negotiations, Shatdaun and Brexit


Each of these topics will have an impact on the strengthening of the dollar against other currencies. Trade agreements with China, as well as the meeting of the PRC-US leaders at the end of February, were in doubt.

The date March 1 was determined by the US president to renew the sanctions restrictions on Chinese imports. The dollar will start to grow if the delegation from the United States does not go to Beijing or the President of the United States imposes a ban on the use of telecommunications equipment from China, which will make any negotiations meaningless.

Another reason for strengthening the dollar will be the approach of a shatdaun – the financing of the interim budget ends on February 15, & nbsp; and there are no hints at removing the contradictions between Congress and the President.

The dynamics of the European currency and the pound sterling will determine the debate on Brexit. Teresa May does not expect a quick compromise, so she postponed the vote on secession from the EU at the end of February. The euro will be further suppressed discord between France and Germany.

President Macron refused to attend the Munich Conference. This is the fault of the position of Chancellor Angela Merkel in support of the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. & nbsp; Eastern European countries are against him on the side of France, with political assistance from the United States: they will be visited in a special tour by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo from February 11th to 15th. He can consolidate the position of opponents of the construction of Nord Stream 2 to the beginning of the Munich Conference on European Security.

This will weaken the position of European currencies.