Аbout the author

Hello, friends!

I am Vadim Zotov, the author of this site and the developer of programs for it. Sometimes I attract my friends to this business.

I will say a few words about myself.

My main profession was previously not related to financial markets. It was not possible when I received it at the end of the 80s. I am an automatic control specialist. I did a lot of electronics, microprocessor technology, mathematics, I defended my thesis and received a Ph.D. in technical sciences. But most of all I like programming. I began to study programming in 1986, when as a student I soldered a computer with my own hands. These skills were subsequently very useful in the work of an engineer and in scientific activities. For several years I taught programming at the university. Now I continue to teach technical subjects at the university, and programming has become a hobby.

I became interested in financial markets in 2012. I studied with interest the laws of the processes in the markets, creating various mathematical models. Based on the author’s research I received several profitable trading systems. The developed systems turned out to be especially effective with the machine implementation of algorithms. The programming skills learned earlier were helpful in resolving these issues. As a result, automated trading systems were created based on the results of scientific research, which have passed the test of time and are highly appreciated by many users.

When you get good practical results you always want to do even better. Therefore, I do not stop there. There are many ideas that require serious scientific study. Therefore, I continue theoretical and experimental research. I hope that in the near future I will be able to please you with the new results of my work. A work that I love very much.

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