Gap and Trail updated to version 2.8


In order to reduce the likelihood of triggering stop loss when it is prematurely reduced, the trailing stop algorithm has been redesigned. Now trailing begins only when the position reaches profit. This significantly reduces the number of positions closed at a loss. In general, this significantly increases the likelihood of profit on each open transaction, which favorably affects the profitability of the robot.

To maximize the efficiency of using the advanced algorithm, parameters were optimized and new set-files were received.

Optimized Gap and Trail robot parameters


The optimization of the parameters of the robot Gap and Trail. Optimization was performed for the Alpari broker, Standard account, and for IC Markets broker, Raw Spread account. Set files were received from 2019.09.08 with optimal parameters for the following currency pairs: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD. Users are encouraged to use the new set files.

Optimization done for robot versions МТ4 и МТ5.

November 18-22. Unstable stability in England


On Friday, November 15, the British pound strengthened slightly and even a third wave formed upward on GBPUSD, on the H4 timeframe, which indicates the presence of an uptrend.

However, there is no reason to continue strengthening the British currency other than the market expectations for Brexit. That is, it is difficult to even imagine how strongly most traders believe in a successful Brexit outcome on January 31? If they believe strongly, then the pound may continue to strengthen. However, we still believe that the strengthening of the British currency will be either extremely restrained or absent altogether. Since Brexit by and large remains in limbo and will remain so at least until December 12, it is unlikely that for almost a month the British currency will grow solely on the positive expectations of traders. Moreover, sooner or later, traders will “remember” that the last five most important reports from the UK were completely disastrous. They will also “remember” that two members of the Bank of England monetary committee voted “in favor” of lowering the rate, which means that at the next meeting their number may increase to 3-4. And five votes is enough for the rate to be lowered. Of course, an event such as monetary easing, traders can also ignore. But turning a blind eye to such events will always fail.

Based on the foregoing, we can assume that until December 12, the pound will not be prone to strong growth, but its strengthening is allowed, since it will not be possible to predict the majority mood in the market over the next month. In any case, a strong strengthening of the pound is not expected.

Gap and Trail robot updated to version 2.7


The experience of real trading revealed the following: sometimes the take-profit value turned out to be less than the spread size. This led to losses. Now the comparison of the spread with the target values of the opened position has been introduced. If the spread exceeds the target size, the robot will wait for the spread to drop to an acceptable value, after which it will check all the criteria again. This completely excludes the opening of the transaction if the spread is greater than the gap. This reduces the losses from high spread entries.

November 11-15. Everything down except the dollar


In the first half of next week, the current strengthening of the dollar may weaken a little due to the lack of important economic news. It will most likely be a small rollback. In general, trends in the Forex market will determine the statistics of the EU, Asian countries and the UK, and by the end of the week we are waiting for the next strengthening of the dollar. This is explained by the fall of the global economy. But the US economy has a greater margin of stability, therefore, it is falling more slowly than the European economy. This also coincides with the results of a technical analysis of the markets; everything indicates a strengthening dollar in the near future.
Pound movements can be unpredictable. Great Britain is in a state of pre-election race, which started on Wednesday, during which unexpected revelations and political alliances may arise.